Commissions are paid to brokers upon payment of premium. Therefore, it is possible to receive multiple commission payments of the policy if multiple payments are made throughout the duration of the policy term. See Commission Rate in the Broker Manual.

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below for information about commissions.

If you need additional information, please fill out the Commission Inquiry Form.


Why is CFP asking for unearned commission to be returned?

  • The premium was paid twice so the commission was paid twice OR
  • The policy was canceled after commission was paid OR
  • The coverage was increased or decreased which resulted in a change in commission

Why does my commission statement show two commissions for the same policy?

  • The policy was paid twice so the commission was paid twice
  • The duplicate commission was be reflected as unearned commission when the overpayment is refunded

How do i get copies of my Commission Statements?

  • Statements are mailed at the beginning of each month for the previous month
  • Commission statements are sent only if you have received commission or if you have unearned commissions
  • Copies of commission statements are not available online, so keep a copy of your commission statements

Why didn’t I receive a 1099 Misc. form?

  • Only Brokers who have more than $600 in commissions will receive a 1099 Misc. form