Difference in Conditions

The FAIR Plan dwelling policy is a named peril policy, and does not cover all causes of loss.  Some examples of non-covered perils are:

            Water damage



Difference in Conditions policies, commonly known as “DIC” policies, are available from several markets.  As described by the California Department of Insurance, DIC policies complement FAIR Plan policies so that a consumer who purchases both the FAIR Plan policy and a DIC policy has the same or similar coverage as a traditional homeowners (HO) policy. 

While the FAIR Plan does not offer DIC policies, and does not endorse any particular insurer that offers DIC policies, the Department of Insurance maintains a list of companies that offer DIC policies.

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The list the Department of Insurance maintains can be found here.

If you would like more information about a policy that covers liability only, rather than the DIC form, click here.