Too often people discover after they suffer a loss that they have not purchased enough insurance or the right kind of insurance coverage. It is your responsibility to purchase enough insurance, and the right kinds of insurance coverages to protect you in case of an insured loss.

The California FAIR Plan does not estimate the fair market value of your home or building, the cost to rebuild your home or building, its value or the cost of labor and materials in your (or any other) area. Nor does the FAIR Plan determine the appropriateness of the coverages you request. Those are your responsibilities.

The FAIR Plan recommends that you work with an insurance broker to obtain coverage. An insurance broker can submit an application, handle changes to your policy, and answer your questions about your policy all free of charge. There is no additional cost for having an insurance broker.

Do you have a FAIR Plan Dwelling policy?

For more complete coverage for your property, consider purchasing a Difference in Conditions (DIC) policy, which supplements the FAIR Plan policy by covering most causes of loss (perils) not covered by the FAIR Plan policy. More information about DIC policies can be found here.

The illustration below is intended as an overview only. Please read the applicable forms for complete terms, including definitions, conditions and exclusions.