The California FAIR Plan provides earthquake coverage through the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) on a separate policy written in conjunction with the FAIR Plan dwelling fire policy. The FAIR Plan is one of a number of participating member companies of the CEA.

Earthquake coverage is available only for:

  • Individually owned, 1-4 family, residential properties (main structure only)
  • Tenant’s or condominium unit owner’s personal property.

The CEA offers four types of policies:

Coverage for Mobile Homes is written under the Homeowners policy.

A stand-alone earthquake policy cannot be obtained. Coverage cannot be provided unless a FAIR Plan policy is in effect. CEA earthquake coverage is an optional coverage that can be requested by the applicant/insured at any time during the policy period.

If the FAIR Plan policy is cancelled or non-renewed, the CEA policy will also be cancelled or non-renewed on the same date as the FAIR Plan policy.

Please visit the CEA website at www.earthquakeauthority.com for more detailed information about the CEA and available coverage options. Their website also provides a rate calculator to determine an approximate rate for both basic and/or supplemental coverages.

How to Obtain Coverage

A CEA application is needed to obtain either the basic or supplemental earthquake coverage. Photocopies of this application are acceptable; however, the signature of the applicant is required.


The completed and signed application (and Retrofit Verification Form, if applicable) can be:

  • faxed to (213) 252- 8084
  • e-mailed to cfpuw@cfpnet.com
  • mailed to the address below.

Brokers are encouraged to assist applicants in the completion of the application.


Mailing Address for all CEA related correspondence and payments

California Earthquake Authority
P. O. Box 76922
Los Angeles, CA 90076-0922