Coverage Limits

Please note that underwriting guidelines are subject to review, and could change at any time.

Dwelling Policies

The maximum limit for all coverages combined is $3 million at any one location.

There are times when an insured will purchase an additional insurance policy in addition to the FAIR Plan policy. This is typically either an “Excess” or “Difference in Conditions” policy. The existence of those types of policies does not impact the coverage provided under the Dwelling policy.

Commercial Policies

The maximum limit for commercial properties is $3 million for structures and $1.5 million for all other coverages for a combined $4.5 million limit for all commercial properties at one location.

Businessowner's Policies (BOP)

The limit is $2 million for the structure and $1 million for the contents. Business liability coverage is included at $300,000 Per Occurrence/$600,000 Aggregate.