Is the FAIR Plan a state agency?

The FAIR Plan is a private association based in Los Angeles comprised of all insurers licensed to write property insurance in California. All insurers conducting property business in California must be a member of the Association. FAIR Plan profits and losses are shared by its members in direct proportion to their market share of property insurance written in California. There is no public funding, or taxpayers’ monies involved.

Where does the FAIR Plan write business?

Coverage is available to all California property owners, provided submission guidelines are met. Applicants must make a diligent search of the voluntary market before making a submission to the Plan.

Can I deal directly with the FAIR Plan?

Consumers can deal directly with the FAIR Plan, however, applicants are strongly encouraged to contact any licensed insurance agent or broker in their area for assistance in preparing and obtaining a quotation at no additional cost. Find a Broker

What are the advantages of having an agent or broker as my insurance representative?

Your insurance representative (commonly called “Broker”) can assist in obtaining other coverages not offered by the FAIR Plan such as theft, liability and water damage due to pipe breakage, assist in determining adequate coverage amounts, explain any policy exclusions, and electronically submit new business or mid-term policy change requests.

What coverage does the FAIR Plan policy provide?

The FAIR Plan provides basic fire insurance coverage for residential and commercial structures, as well as personal property coverage for residential and business occupancies. There are also optional coverages available for both residential and commercial properties.

Can I obtain a price quote over the phone, or obtain an immediate binder for coverage?

The FAIR Plan does not provide quotes over the phone. The FAIR Plan does not have agents that can bind coverage, issue policies or commit the FAIR Plan in any way. Insurance brokers registered with the FAIR Plan can provide a premium estimate/quotation in a timely manner. However, coverage does not become effective until one day after the payment is received by the FAIR Plan.

Are the rates/premiums for FAIR Plan policies higher than the voluntary insurance market?

FAIR Plan’s rates cannot be excessive or discriminatory, must be acturially sound and must be sufficient to reflect the risk exposure and historical loss experience.

How can I determine if my payment has been received?

Brokers and insureds can Check Policy Status or Check Payment Status 24/7 from the web site home page. This information can also be accessed in either English or Spanish at (213) 487-0111.

Does the FAIR Plan accept credit card payments or online payments?

The FAIR Plan accepts electronic payments from checking or savings accounts and from credit/debit cards from brokers, policyholders or third parties for new business quotations, endorsements, or renewal payments via Make a Payment located on the home page of the FAIR Plan’s website.