How To Obtain Coverage

An insurance agent or broker registered with the FAIR Plan can submit an application for coverage via the FAIR Plan website after a diligent search has been made to obtain coverage in the voluntary insurance market. Registered brokers can be found by utilizing the Broker Search feature, which identifies one or more insurance agents or brokers in or near a specific ZIP code. The FAIR Plan does not endorse or recommend any insurance agents or brokers.

The FAIR Plan strongly encourages all applicants and policyholders to utilize the services of a broker. A broker can:

  • submit an application online and, in most cases, obtain an instant quotation
  • assist in determining adequate coverage amounts
  • assist in obtaining the other types of coverages you may need
  • assist in making any changes to your policy
  • assist in reporting a claim to the company

There is no additional cost for utilizing a broker.

Should the FREE services of a licensed agent or broker not be secured:

  • Select and complete the applicable application below.
  • Complete the application in full or it will be returned to you.
  • The FAIR Plan staff cannot assist you in the completion of the application nor can the FAIR Plan staff advise you on amounts and types of coverage.

Dwelling Application

Commercial Application

Businessowners Application

If you select Dwelling or Commercial Replacement Cost Coverage on the application, complete the applicable form below:

Dwelling Replacement Cost Addendum

Commercial Replacement Cost Addendum

The complete and signed application can be:

  • faxed to (213) 252-8084
  • e-mailed to
  • mailed to the address below

Mailing Address for all correspondence and payments

California FAIR Plan
P.O. Box 76924
Los Angeles, CA 90076

Coverage Effective Dates

Click here for information on coverage effective dates.