Report a Claim

If you’re insured by the FAIR Plan, click here to report a claim. You’ll need your policy number and property location ZIP code to report a claim. If you do not have your policy number, call your broker for the information or ask that a claim be reported on your behalf.

Once we receive your claim, we’ll assign an adjuster that will contact you directly. You will receive a First Notice of Loss packet that will contain useful information to help you through the claims process. We’ll also send you an acknowledgement letter with your claim number and the contact information for the independent adjusting firm assigned to your claim. If you have specific questions about your policy, please contact your broker directly. After a covered loss, we will provide at your request, a complete copy of your policy within 30 calendar days from your request.

It is the insured's duty under the policy to report any loss or damage to covered property directly to the FAIR Plan.

Insurance agents and brokers are not agents or representatives of the FAIR Plan in any respect, and a report to them of loss or damage does not satisfy the insured’s duty to notify the FAIR Plan.

  • Example:Policy Number CFP 2123980 01