Can’t find fire insurance?

The FAIR Plan provides basic fire insurance coverage for high-risk properties when traditional insurance companies will not.

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Any licensed insurance agent or broker registered with the FAIR Plan can assist you in purchasing fire insurance from the FAIR Plan.

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Our Policies

Our insurance policies are tailored to provide Californians basic fire coverage when this coverage is not available from a traditional carrier. Work with a broker to find appropriate coverage.


Applying for a Policy

01 Find a Broker

Insurance agents and brokers may have access to property insurers other than the FAIR Plan. If they cannot find you insurance through another insurance company, they can assist you in applying for a policy through the FAIR Plan. There is no additional cost for having an insurance broker.

02 Determine Your Eligibility

Your broker will perform a diligent search for comprehensive coverage in the traditional marketplace to determine if the FAIR Plan is right for you. If coverage is available in the traditional marketplace, the FAIR Plan is not right for you.

03 Find the Right Coverage

The FAIR Plan’s policies are tailored to provide coverage for basic fire insurance. Work with a broker to learn if a FAIR Plan policy, along with optional supplemental coverage, fits your needs.

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Do I need a FAIR Plan Policy?

If you cannot obtain coverage in the traditional insurance market, the FAIR Plan may be a temporary solution.

Our Policies

What is the FAIR Plan?

The FAIR Plan was established so that all California property owners have access to basic fire insurance when access to coverage in the traditional market is not available through no fault of the property owner.

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