How to Apply

Too often people discover after they suffer a loss that they have not purchased enough insurance or the right kind of insurance coverage. It is your responsibility to purchase enough insurance and the right kinds of insurance coverages to protect you in case of an insured loss.


Find a Broker

Insurance agents and brokers may have access to property insurers other than the FAIR Plan. If they cannot find you insurance through another insurance company, they can assist you in applying for a policy through the FAIR Plan. There is no additional cost for having an insurance broker.

If you need help finding a broker, use our broker search.

A broker may be able to:

  • Find available coverage with a traditional insurance company
  • Determine your property insurance coverage needs
  • Estimate the fair market value of your home
  • Handle changes to your policy
  • Answer your questions

Determine Your Eligibility

Your broker will perform a diligent search for comprehensive coverage in the traditional insurance market. If coverage is not available with another company, your broker can help you determine if the FAIR Plan is available as a temporary solution. If coverage is available in the traditional marketplace, the FAIR Plan is not right for you.


Find the Right Coverage

The FAIR Plan’s policies are tailored to provide coverage for basic fire insurance. Work with a broker to learn if a FAIR Plan policy, along with optional supplemental coverage, fits your needs.

The California FAIR Plan does not estimate the fair market value of your home or building, the cost to rebuild it, its value or the cost of labor and materials in your (or any other) area. It’s up to you to determine that with the assistance of your broker.

Find a Broker
Differences in Conditions

Many traditional insurance companies offer additional coverages to provide the equivalent of comprehensive homeowners insurance.

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A separate policy that can cover buildings, the contents in a building, or both in case of a flood.

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Coverage for individually owned residential properties and personal property of tenants and condo owners through the California
Earthquake Authority.

Already have a policy?

Contact your broker if you have questions or want to make changes to your policy.