Our insurance policies are tailored to provide Californians fire coverage when this coverage is not available from a traditional carrier. Work with a broker to find a policy that fits your needs.

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Coverage for Owner or Tenant occupied dwellings with up to 4 family units and personal property for renters and
condo owners.


Business owned buildings including habitational units, retail mercantile, manufacturing risks, farms, wineries, and office buildings. Individual owned habitational buildings with 5 or more units.


Coverage for individually owned residential properties and personal property of tenants and condo owners through the California Earthquake Authority (CEA).

Protect yourself

Too often people discover after they suffer a loss that they have not purchased enough insurance or the right kind of insurance coverage. It is your responsibility to purchase enough insurance, and the right kinds of insurance coverages to protect you in case of an insured loss.

Annual insurance checklist

  • Shop around for coverage with other insurers
  • Ask your neighbors who insures their properties
  • Ask your broker to try to find you more comprehensive coverages
  • Do not rely on just one source for insurance information
  • Read your policy
  • Consider purchasing a supplemental policy to cover types of losses we don’t, such as flood, earthquake or a Difference in Conditions policy
  • Work with your broker to make sure that the amount of dwelling coverage you have purchased is enough
  • Review all your coverages with your broker

Need additional coverage?

For more complete property coverage, consider purchasing the Difference in Conditions, Flood or Earthquake policies which supplement the FAIR Plan policy by covering most perils that we don’t cover. The FAIR Plan does not offer these coverages. Contact your broker for more information about them.

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Getting started

For more information and to discuss your insurance needs, please contact a licensed broker.

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