About FAIR Plan

What is the FAIR Plan?


The California FAIR Plan Association was established to meet the needs of California homeowners unable to find insurance in the traditional marketplace. The FAIR Plan is not a state agency, nor is it a public entity. There is no public or taxpayer funding.


The FAIR Plan is a syndicated fire insurance pool comprised of all insurers licensed to conduct property/casualty business in California. The FAIR Plan was established by statute (California Insurance Code sections 10091 et seq.) in August, 1968 as an insurance placement facility.


All licensed property/casualty insurers which write basic property insurance required by Insurance Code sections 10091(a) and 10095(a) are members of the FAIR Plan.  The FAIR Plan issues policies on behalf of its member companies. Each member company participates in the profits, losses and expenses of the Plan in direct proportion to its market share
of business written in the state.


The FAIR Plan has not been rated or evaluated by A.M. Best.

The FAIR Plan is a temporary safety net

In the last decade, more Californians have turned to the FAIR Plan as wildfires have devastated California and some insurers have pulled back from these markets. While we will support homeowners regardless of a property’s fire risk, unlike traditional insurers, our goal is attrition. For most homeowners, the FAIR Plan is a temporary safety net – here to support them until coverage offered by a traditional carrier becomes available. We lead with our customers’ interests at heart and reach success when we are no longer needed.


Coverage for rural and urban customers.


Backed by all property insurers licensed in California.


Insuring high-risk properties since 1968.

Our Promise

The FAIR Plan provides access to basic property coverage when it’s needed, ensuring that all Californians, including those who live in areas threatened by wildfire, have access to the fire coverage and the peace of mind they deserve.

The California FAIR Plan was established in 1968 following the riots and brush fires of the 1960s. We became the state’s insurer of last resort, providing access to fire coverage for California homeowners unable to obtain it from a traditional insurance carrier.

How to Apply

Learn more about how to apply for a FAIR Plan policy here.

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