New Brokers

New Broker Information

If you are a new broker to the FAIR Plan or need a refresher course, we have prepared the following information to get started:

Step 1: Getting Started and Registering Online

In order to submit business to the FAIR Plan, you must complete a Broker Information Form.

Please note, you will need a copy of your valid and active California Property-Casualty license and Form W-9 to complete the process.

Upon receipt of your information, it will take up to 72 hours to verify and process your information. After your information has been added to our Broker Database, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to register on the Broker System on our website. The Broker System is used to submit new business, endorsements and cancellations.

All FAIR Plan informational updates will be sent to the email address on our broker system, so it is vital that your email address is kept current.

Please note that all correspondence will be mailed to the mailing address on record, including 1099.

Note: use only Internet Explorer when using this system. Using other browsers may cause errors.

Step 2: California FAIR Plan has no Agents

It is critical to understand that the California FAIR Plan has no agents. When you submit business on behalf of a policyholder, you actually serve as their agent, not the California FAIR Plan’s. No one can bind coverage or commit the FAIR Plan in any way, and all business is conducted on a broker basis. Persons placing business with the FAIR Plan on behalf of his/her clients are referred to as insurance brokers.

Step 3: Broker Manual

Read the Broker Manual for information on commissions, payment plans and other pertinent information.

Step 4: Coverages Offered

Learn about what coverages the CA FAIR Plan writes by selecting from the list on the left. It is critical to understand this information so that you can advise your customers.

Step 5: Utilizing the online Broker System

All transactions must be submitted via the online system with the exception of the following:

  • BOP New Business
  • All CEA transactions
  • All non new business/endorsement transactions (response to letters, policy level correspondence, etc.)

These transactions that fall outside of the Broker System should be submitted as follows:


Fax: (213) 252-8084

Step 6: Understanding How to Navigate the Broker System